Strengthening Ontario’s pandemic supply chain

Ontario is fighting against COVID-19 and its variants by securing critical supplies and high-quality PPE through Ontario-based manufacturers.

Ontario’s response to COVID-19

Ontario has implemented a response plan to strengthen the province’s pandemic supply chain by:

  • bolstering a stockpile of critical supplies and PPE
  • procuring and delivering supplies and additional services across Ontario

Since the start of the pandemic, we've procured and distributed:


371 million+

Rapid antigen tests

69 million+

HEPA filter units


Face shields

14 million+

Gowns and coveralls

29 million+

Litres of hand sanitizers

3.4 million+


1.5 million+


155 million+

N95 respirators

71 million+




408 million+

Litres of disinfectant

2.2 million+

Updated March 31, 2022

Supporting vaccine administration

The Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre helps Ontarians get the information they need to get vaccinated.

Calls to the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre

5.2 million+

Vaccination appointments booked

15.9 million+

Vaccine doses administered by 33 workplaces clinics


Updated April 20, 2022

Building Ontario’s domestic supply chain

Ontario continues to fight against COVID-19 by procuring necessary essential services, PPE and critical supplies and equipment from Ontario-based manufacturers. We have:

  • procured over 204 million N95 masks from the Brockville, Ontario 3M plant
  • sourced over 200 million surgical/protective masks through four Ontario-based companies: PRIMED, Canada Masq, Viva Healthcare Packaging Canada and JY Care

Over the next 18 months, over 92% of the province’s investments in PPE will be with Ontario and Canadian-based manufacturers.


Join the fight against COVID-19

The province’s call to arms allows Ontario businesses to join the fight against COVID-19. Tell us what your business can sell or donate to the Government of Ontario to help fight COVID-19.

Join the domestic supply chain today.