COVID-19 public health measures and advice

Learn about the latest information on public health measures, including masking and mask use.


Provincial mask requirements have been lifted in most public settings, including:

  • social gatherings and organized public events
  • exercise, fitness activities, and sport activities
  • retail settings
  • personal care services
  • restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments
  • places of worship
  • public transit

You should continue to wear a mask if:

  • you feel it is right for you
  • you are at high risk for severe illness
  • you are recovering from COVID-19 or have symptoms of COVID-19
  • you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19

Where you’re required to wear a mask

To continue providing an additional layer of protection for the most vulnerable, long-term care homes and retirement homes will still require masking. Masking is also recommended for other high-risk congregate living and acute care settings.

Businesses and organizations may implement their own rules and policies related to masking within their settings and Ontarians should respect and follow these rules.

In other settings where masking is not required, wearing a mask is a personal choice. Individuals are encouraged to wear a tight-fitting, well-constructed mask if they feel it is the right choice for them.

For more information on masks, please click here.