Ontario is now in Step 3 of its Roadmap to Reopen. Follow the restrictions and public health measures.

Last updated: September 17, 2021

Updates made to symptoms list, to timeline for isolation, and to guidance for people who are fully vaccinated or have tested positive in the last 90 days.

COVID-19 school and child care screening

Answer the following questions to help you decide if you should or should not go to school/child care today.

You must stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are waiting for test results after experiencing symptoms (not related to a COVID-19 vaccine, as noted below).

Everyone in your household (unless they are fully vaccinated) must also stay home until you get a negative COVID-19 test result, or you are cleared by public health, or you are diagnosed with another illness.

COVID-19 vaccine side effects

You can go to school/child care if you or anyone in your household got a COVID-19 vaccine in the last 48 hours and is experiencing any of these symptoms that are mild and only began after vaccination:

  • headache
  • fatigue (extreme tiredness)
  • muscle aches
  • joint pain

This screening cannot diagnose you. If you have medical questions, consult a health care provider or your local public health unit.  Listen to the advice of your local public health unit first, as their advice overrules the advice in this screening.

You must screen for COVID-19 every day before going to school/child care.

Using this tool is optional. If your school board, child care provider, or public health unit has another screening process, you can use that instead.