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COVID-19 self-assessment result

July 18th, 2022 at 2:01 p.m.

You must comply with federal border officer requirements and stay at home for 14 days immediately after your return to Canada.

On this page:

  1. Stay at home for 14 days
  2. Monitor your health

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1. Stay at home for 14 days

This is called self-isolation.

You could be carrying the virus without knowing it and spread it to people in your community. Do not go into public spaces unless it is for a critical reason (like a medical emergency).

Get more information on federal requirements for travellers on the Government of Canada website.

Face coverings and masks

Groceries, medications, and essential items

  • get someone who does not live with you to deliver these items
  • place orders over the phone or online
  • do not go into stores or supermarkets in person

Work and workspaces

Roommates and family you live with

  • stay in a room away from them (if possible)
  • use a different bathroom (if possible)
  • keep a distance of at least 2 metres in shared spaces like kitchens or living rooms
  • wear a face covering or mask when you are around them
  • check your local public health unit's website or call to see if there are any actions they need to take

People you do not live with

  • only contact them over the phone or online
  • do not invite them over or socialize in person

Get more tips on how to safely self-isolateThis link will open in a new window


2. Monitor your health

Pay attention to your health and note if anything changes.

Make an appointment at an assessment centre, participating pharmacy, or participating community lab for a COVID-19 test if you are eligible or if you were told to get tested by your local public health unit or your health care provider (doctor, primary care physician).

If you develop symptoms and are at higher risk of severe illness: seek testing and care immediately. You may benefit from available therapies to prevent severe illness.

Find out more about treatment and if you're eligible.

Learn more about:

Roommates and family you live with

  • they should note any changes to their health too (this is called self-monitoring)