COVID-19: Guidance tools

Use these tools to help guide your next steps when your life or business has been affected by covid 19 (coronavirus).

Get covid 19 exposure alerts

The covid Alert mobile app sends an alert if you have been near someone with covid 19. It also anonymously lets others know if you test positive.

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If you think you have covid 19

Screen before school

Students, teachers and school staff need to self-screen for covid 19 symptoms before leaving for school. Your result will tell you if you should or should not go to school, and what to do next.

Take the covid 19 school screening.

Calculate rent assistance for small businesses

Small-business-property landlords and tenants can use our Canada Emergency Rent Assistance (CECRA) calculator to find out how much rent support they could get through the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance for small businesses.

Take the covid 19 courthouse pre-screening

Answer these screening questions before you enter an Ontario courthouse.

Your result will tell you if you can or cannot enter, and what to do next.