Ontario Together: help fight coronavirus

Sell medical supplies, find personal protective equipment (PPE), solve problems, or volunteer to help protect against covid 19

If you need help making an online submission call 1-888-777-0554

Sell supplies to government

If you can immediately provide or donate medical products such as:

  • thermometers
  • swabs
Tell us what you have

The Government of Canada also needs supplies. Find out what products and services the Federal Government needs.

Donate personal protective equipement locally

All donated products must meet Health Canada guidelines. You may donate to the Government of Ontario or directly to your local municipality, hospitals, primary care clinics or long-term care homes.

Find personal protective equipement suppliers

Before your business reopens, you need a plan to protect your employees and customers from covid 19 For sector-specific guidelines, ideas, and best practices, check our resources to prevent covid 19 in the workplace.

If you need personal protective equipment (PPE), you can use the Workplace Personal Protective Equipment Supplier Directory. You must agree to the Terms of Use.

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Solve specific problems

If you have:

  • technology driven solutions and services to help businesses reopen safely
  • solutions and services to strengthen inter-provincial trade and supply chains
Tell us your solution

Submit ideas

Does your business, research institution or organization have ideas, other products or services that could help Ontarians?

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Visit Spark Ontario and volunteer in your community to:

  • deliver food
  • deliver medicine
  • help with errands

Ontario Together Fund

We have $50 million to support submissions that we can act on immediately.

You may be eligible for the Ontario Together Fund if your submission will help you retool or adopt the technological changes needed to produce supplies and equipment for the health care sector or if you are developing solutions for other critical public services. Not all submissions will be considered for funding.

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