Small business recovery resources

Learn about resources available for Ontario businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Additional help is available for businesses of all sizes.

Featured updates

Learn more about the Ontario COVID-19 Small Business Relief Grant for small businesses that are subject to closure under the modified Step Two of Roadmap to Reopen.

Learn about opening an onsite vaccination clinic if your business is in a hot spot community.

Help from the federal government

The Canadian government has made available supports for business during covid 19.

Reopening and operating safely

We’ve provided resources to help you understand the requirements and best practices for workplace safety. These actions can help you comply with the rules and keep operating safely.

Workplace safety plan

All businesses that are operating must have a written covid 19 safety plan by law. Find other resources such as posters, tools and sector-specific guidance for Ontario workplaces.

Employer’s responsibilities

Understand employers’ responsibilities regarding safe workplaces, temporary layoffs and leaves of absence due to covid 19. Attend a webinar to learn more.

Region-specific rules

Check the recovery framework and your public health unit website to learn about the restrictions and rules that apply to your region.

PPE suppliers

Access the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory to find supplies for your business.

Testing on-site

Your organization can now conduct rapid testing on-site as an additional screening method that can help stop the spread of covid 19. Free test kits are available through the Provincial Antigen Screening Program, which has expanded to include more essential sectors.

Learn about testing and program eligibility

In addition, the Ontario government, in partnership with the federal government and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, has launched the COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative for small and medium-sized businesses across the province.

To contact participating local chambers of commerce and boards of trade about the COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative, visit the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Get local COVID-19 recovery support

Ontario's Small Business covid 19 Recovery Network links 47 Small Business Enterprise Centres together to give small businesses and entrepreneurs the support they need to succeed, grow and create jobs.

Get tailored advice, services, and programs virtually.

Search for a Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) near you

Get the full list of locations.

Take your business digital

Get free resources to help grow your business. Digital Main Street connects you with programs to help you:

Learn about – and help us make – big changes

Learn how we’re cutting unnecessary red tape across government so businesses can spend less time on paperwork and more time creating jobs.

Read Ontario’s small business strategy to learn about our long-term plan to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, grow and create jobs.

Learn how to request a temporary rule or regulation change to help your small business respond to covid 19.

Help other small and local businesses

Help small businesses regain lost revenues from COVID-19.

How to support local businesses

  • order for takeout or delivery
  • use curbside pick-up
  • shop safely in-person where you can
  • buy gift cards

Businesses that are open for in-store shopping and curbside pick-up have put in place best practices to keep shoppers safe.

Contact your local Business Improvement Area Association (BIA) to learn more about the small businesses in your community.

Check with your local public health unit or municipality for additional information or restrictions. Advice may vary by the zone a public health unit is in and can change based on public health trends.

Thumbnail of a poster that says “Shop local. Shop safe” with illustrations of two people standing 2 metres apart, someone wearing a mask, a spray bottle and hands washing

Encourage safe, local shopping

Download, print and display this poster (PDF) and encourage customers to shop locally while staying safe.

Help Ontarians find locally made products

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters' Ontario Made program is developing a consumer-focused website to help Ontarians find locally made products.

Manufacturers can register for the program's approved-product list and get a digital branded logo to add to your products and marketing materials.

Retailers can access promotional tools to help highlight your business and Ontario Made products.

Support local artists and tourism businesses

Ontario Live is a virtual marketplace that brings Ontario together to help support local artists, operators, attractions and businesses throughout the province.

Mental health and addictions supports

If you or your employees are feeling anxious, experiencing other mental health or addiction challenges, or you can’t access your regular in-person counselling support, there are services available online or by phone, including self-led support, peer support and internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy.

Find mental health support

If you are currently receiving mental health and addictions services and supports, please contact your current service provider, including community-based mental health and addictions agencies. Many of these providers are modifying their services to move towards virtual care, meeting clients by phone or secure video-conferencing.

Help stop the spread

Sell supplies and solve problems

If your small business or organization has products, services or solutions that can help support our response to covid 19, tell us through our Ontario Together initiative.

Show your commitment to safety

Consider making the POST Promise – a self-declaration that your business is working to help prevent the spread of covid 19. Once completed, you'll get tools to help educate employees on workplace safety. You can also display the POST Promise logo, which is a nationally recognized symbol of a business' commitment to doing their part.

Learn, train and get advice

Learn about financial planning and cash management

Learn about pandemic recovery, cash management, financial planning, and risk management through the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada’s small business web portal.

Get local advice

Small Business Enterprise Centers offer new businesses with up to 10 employees the tailored support they need to succeed and grow.

Build new skills

If you or any of your employees have been laid off as a result of covid 19, we offer several skill-building programs to help Ontarians prepare for new jobs.

Get hands-on learning about exporting

Get hands-on, in-depth information and advice about exporting with:

  • one-on-one export advisory services
  • in-person and virtual business missions
  • meetings with foreign buyers, prospective partners, agents and distributors
  • webinars and workshops including:
    • how to prepare a pitch
    • cross-border e-commerce

Start and grow your small business

Visit our small business support page for general information and advice to run your small business.

Find out your general health and safety responsibilities as a small business employer and how to get help keeping your workplace safe.

Get help from Canada and other organizations

Find out how your small business or registered charity can get a one time, on-bill credit to help catch up on energy bills through the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program – Small Business.

The Canadian government has made available supports for businesses, including links to resources specifically for small businesses and people who are self-employed.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses’ covid 19 Small Business Help Centre offers free tools and advice, as well as information specific to Ontario.

Retail Council of Canada’s Road to Retail Recovery Playbook includes resources on customer health and safety, employee wellbeing, retail operations, finances and more.

The Office of the Employer Adviser provides free and confidential support to employers that need help with Workplace Safety Insurance Board issues.

Learn more about the Small Business Lighting program, which provides up to $2,000 in incentives for eligible energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

Supports for businesses of any size

Our covid 19: Support for businesses page includes many other business supports and resources including:

  • financial support
  • tax relief
  • guidance for employers