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Understand the results and get technical support for businesses and visitors.

The Verify Ontario app ended June 24, 2022.

The app is no longer available in the Google Play and Apple app stores. If you still have a downloaded version of the app, it will not scan QR codes and is no longer supported with updates.

What the results mean

When the app scans a QR code, there are a few possible results:

  • Green checkmark screen, which means verified
  • Yellow warning screen, which means there is a problem
  • Grey timeout screen, which means a QR code could not be read
  • Red “X” screen, which means the proof of vaccination is invalid

Businesses, organizations and individuals can call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre for additional technical support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week at:

Green checkmark screen for verified

This result means that the vaccine certificate meets Ontario’s definition of fully vaccinated.

Businesses may ask you to show proof of ID.

Yellow warning screen for there is a problem

A yellow warning result screen can mean the QR code:

  • does not meet SMART® Health Card QR code standards
  • is a valid SMART® Health Card QR code, but is not yet recognized by the app
  • may have been issued to a child under age 12, or recently turned 12

The app will only read vaccine certificates with QR codes.

The app cannot read QR codes issued:

  • using a non-government website or app
  • by health or government institutions that do not follow the SMART® Health Card QR code standards

Go to to learn how to get your vaccine certificate with QR code and what to do if you get a yellow warning result in the app.

Grey timeout screen for issues scanning a QR code

A grey timeout screen means:

  • your QR code is being displayed in a way the app cannot read, or
  • the scanning screen has timed out after 30 seconds

Staff can wipe the camera’s lens and try to scan again.

If staff are scanning with the flashlight or in lower lighting, they can:

  • ask the visitor to tilt the angle of their phone
  • try again and make sure the flashlight is not reflecting on the QR code

Visitors can:

  • increase their screen brightness
  • avoid holding their QR code on an angle
  • zoom in so the full QR code takes up their whole screen
  • hold their QR code steady and at a short distance

Print issues

There may be issues with a QR code if a visitor has printed the vaccine certificate.

Staff can:

Visitors can:

Red X screen for an invalid QR code

This vaccine certificate does not meet the Ontario definition of fully vaccinated, for example:

  • the QR code may indicate the visitor is not fully vaccinated
  • 14 days may have not passed since the visitor was fully vaccinated
  • the visitor's medical exemption may have expired

Staff can let the visitor know that if they:

  • are fully vaccinated, 14 days may not have passed
  • have an active medical exemption, they may need to download their most recent vaccine certificate with QR code

Visitors can:

  • go to to download the vaccine certificate again
  • call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week at

Data collection and privacy

For added privacy and security:

  • verified vaccine certificate results are displayed for 30 seconds and then deleted
  • only trusted SMART® Health Card QR codes will scan as verified and display a green check mark screen
  • the app does not request the user's location or save any information that links specific locations, visitors or businesses to each other
  • no personal health information is displayed or shared, only the information that is required for QR code verification (result with name and date of birth to confirm an individual’s ID)
  • the app only collects anonymous statistical data (analytics) that help us improve the app, including the total number of scans and the number of valid, invalid, or warning results
  • for transparency and security we will share the app’s code in GitHub and have adopted a vulnerability disclosure policy

Learn more in the app’s Terms of Use and privacy statement.

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